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April 2021

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A Word From the Director

It's hard to believe the academic year is almost over. This past year was difficult, and challenged Hillel's undertaking to serve as the Jewish "home away from home" at the University of Hartford. Despite this year's challenges, our goal will always remain the same: providing a welcoming and vibrant Jewish campus experience for all, that fulfills and enriches the diverse spiritual and practical needs for Jewish students and their friends.

We have had a busy year with lots of virtual programs, one-on-one meetings with students, leadership training for our student board, and socially distant outdoor gatherings. There are so many exciting things to brag about: from the 37 students who engaged in our new

10-week Jewish Learning Fellowship, to the more than 60 students who joined us for Passover meals and programming, to our "Shabbat Sha-Bag" initiative that provided the Shabbat experience for students wherever they were.

Hillel has also been a leader in helping to create a new food pantry on campus, opening this spring. Despite restrictions on gatherings this year, and even with many students choosing to stay remote for the year, we engaged with close to 200 students this semester, nearly 40 percent of them on a weekly basis. But the most exciting and impactful change this year was, through the generous support of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford, Hillel International, and University of Hartford administration, we were able to add another full-time staff member to our team!

Fortunately for us, a meaningful Jewish experience is different for everyone, which allows us to be creative in how we engage Jewish students. We cannot be successful without the support and guidance of our alumni, parents, community members, foundations and philanthropic funds, and of course the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford for their constant and unwavering support. I encourage everyone to join me in continuing to provide Jewish students at the University of Hartford with inspiring programming and a welcoming community.

Happy Spring!

Lisa Langsner
Director of Jewish Student Life

University of Hartford


Student President Update

Being the President of Hillel at UHart is so special to me because I get to meet other Jewish students, provide a place for them to be themselves, and connect with others who share similar values. Even with the obstacles of COVID-19, our staff has been incredibly accommodating and helpful, and we are lucky that we have continued to program both virtually and safely in person. It was the best of both worlds for all students. One of my favorite

things about Hillel is how welcoming and friendly the community is. Although being president comes with a lot of responsibilities, in the end it is so worth it and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Amanda Baritz

Class of 2023


We are thrilled to welcome Emma Strumpf to the University of Hartford Hillel! Emma was born and raised in Connecticut, and attended the University of Connecticut. Emma recently completed a two-year Hillel International Springboard Innovation Fellowship with the University at Albany Hillel, where she was successful at engaging students of all backgrounds and building an inclusive Jewish community across campus. She enjoys music (she plays the drums, piano, and sings!), reading, cooking, and catching up on reality TV.

In her newly created role as Manager of Programming and Engagement, Emma will be responsible for enhancing support for Jewish life across the University of Hartford by creating new community

Introducing Emma Strumpf

building and educational opportunities for Jewish students and their friends. Emma has already started to form meaningful relationships with students, partnerships with other campus organizations, and looks forward to building strong leaders in the UHart community and beyond. We are very excited to have her on the team!

We are grateful for our partners at the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford, Hillel International, and the University of Hartford for their support in the creation of this position.

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Spotlight Program: Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF)

Through the generosity of donors in our local community, we were able to launch a virtual Jewish Learning Fellowship in the fall, to wide success. JLF is a weekly seminar, run by Hillel professionals, where students get together, build community, and learn about Judaism in a space where they feel open and comfortable. There are two goals: the first being to gain a deeper

understanding of Jewish text, and the second to expand their Jewish community on campus. After our successful fall pilot, we were able to run two more cohorts this spring, for a total of 37 different students participating this year, and many returning! What we found through our survey at the end of the Fall semester was an overwhelmingly positive experience:

Students who participate in JLF are more likely to attend Hillel events: While 65 percent of the students were involved prior to JLF, 100 percent have expressed interest in attending future Hillel events.

"I am so so glad I was a part of this seminar and I would love to participate in this or something like it again!"

JLF is a successful tool for recruitment: 100% of students would recommend JLF to their fellow students.

"I really loved it and am very happy I did it! I am also going to highly recommend it to my friends who are Jewish and did not do it this year!"

JLF provides students with strong mentorship and a sense of Jewish community: 100% of students agreed or strongly agreed that they developed a relationship with a mentor through the JLF program.

"I loved our instructor, and how she made us feel welcome to share our personal beliefs. She made sure everyone's opinion was respected. She guided us through the questions, giving us hints when we needed them. I like the new material and how it brought students together as a Jewish community."

February 2020

University of Hartford Hillel Receives Multi-Year Grants Totaling $114,000

University of Hartford Hillel has received two multi-year grants totaling $114,000 to help engage more students in Jewish life on campus, Lisa Langsner, director of Jewish student life at the University of Hartford and director of University of Hartford Hillel, announced today.

These grants from the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford and Hillel International, along with support from the University of Hartford, will enable University of Hartford Hillel to recruit top talent with the creation of a new position focused on student engagement. This additional staff position will enhance support for Jewish life across campus by creating new community building and educational opportunities for Jewish students and their friends. As a result, Hillel hopes to double its number of engaged students and offer more opportunities for students to identify with the Jewish community on campus and throughout Greater Hartford, create meaningful partnerships with other campus organizations, increase Shabbat and holiday offerings, participate in Alternative Spring Break trips, and become leaders across campus.

"We are grateful to the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford and to Hillel International for their generous support and investment in our success,” says Langsner. “These grants recognize both University of Hartford Hillel’s vital role in shaping the future of the Jewish community, and our potential for success on a global Jewish scale.”

Hillel International’s Expansion Grant provides resources for campus-based Hillels to attract exceptional talent and to further the goals of its “Drive to Excellence” strategic plan. These grants are designed to provide Hillels around the country the resources they need to address their unique talent needs, while also committing local Hillels to a common purpose, set of values, performance measures, evaluations, and core training elements.

The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford’s Capacity Building Grants invest in the long-term vitality of the community by strengthening the core foundations of Jewish organizations throughout Greater Hartford.

“The University of Hartford has a substantial Jewish population, which represents the future leadership of our people,” says Jacob Schreiber, CEO of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford. “Our Board recognized the unique opportunity to leverage the support from Hillel International and the University of Hartford to bolster Hillel’s organizational capacity to engage more Jewish students, while putting it on a path to sustainable growth.” 

University of Hartford Hillel is proud to be part of the Division of Student Success at the University of Hartford and receives generous support and funding from the University to support its operations.

"Since joining the Division of Student Success, Lisa has been an incredible advocate for Hillel, our Jewish community, and the University,” says Aaron Isaacs, dean of students. “These funds represent Hillel's collaborative commitment to the University and its goal of building a more inclusive, engaging, and supportive campus for all students."

About University of Hartford Hillel: Serving nearly 700 Jewish undergraduate students at the University of Hartford, Hillel is the center for Jewish Life on campus. Hillel is committed to a pluralistic vision of Judaism, providing unique and meaningful opportunities to students and the greater community from all streams of Judaism. Through religious, cultural, educational, and social programming, Hillel enriches the lives of students by nourishing Jewish identity and fostering deep connections with Israel and Jewry worldwide. Any student may participate in Hillel—no membership is required.

About the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford: The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford unlocks the transformative power of personalized and collective philanthropy to solve problems, strengthen community organizations, and provide permanent support for our Jewish community.

About Hillel International: For nearly a century, Hillel’s network of dedicated student leaders, professionals, and volunteers have encouraged generations of young adults to celebrate Jewish learning and living, pursue social justice, and connect to their peers and the global Jewish people. By participating in life-changing trips and campus initiatives, students learn to make a meaningful impact on the future of the Jewish people and the world while they grow intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

April 2021
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