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February 2020

University of Hartford Hillel Receives Multi-Year Grants Totaling $114,000

University of Hartford Hillel has received two multi-year grants totaling $114,000 to help engage more students in Jewish life on campus, Lisa Langsner, director of Jewish student life at the University of Hartford and director of University of Hartford Hillel, announced today.

These grants from the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford and Hillel International, along with support from the University of Hartford, will enable University of Hartford Hillel to recruit top talent with the creation of a new position focused on student engagement. This additional staff position will enhance support for Jewish life across campus by creating new community building and educational opportunities for Jewish students and their friends. As a result, Hillel hopes to double its number of engaged students and offer more opportunities for students to identify with the Jewish community on campus and throughout Greater Hartford, create meaningful partnerships with other campus organizations, increase Shabbat and holiday offerings, participate in Alternative Spring Break trips, and become leaders across campus.

"We are grateful to the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford and to Hillel International for their generous support and investment in our success,” says Langsner. “These grants recognize both University of Hartford Hillel’s vital role in shaping the future of the Jewish community, and our potential for success on a global Jewish scale.”

Hillel International’s Expansion Grant provides resources for campus-based Hillels to attract exceptional talent and to further the goals of its “Drive to Excellence” strategic plan. These grants are designed to provide Hillels around the country the resources they need to address their unique talent needs, while also committing local Hillels to a common purpose, set of values, performance measures, evaluations, and core training elements.

The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford’s Capacity Building Grants invest in the long-term vitality of the community by strengthening the core foundations of Jewish organizations throughout Greater Hartford.

“The University of Hartford has a substantial Jewish population, which represents the future leadership of our people,” says Jacob Schreiber, CEO of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford. “Our Board recognized the unique opportunity to leverage the support from Hillel International and the University of Hartford to bolster Hillel’s organizational capacity to engage more Jewish students, while putting it on a path to sustainable growth.” 

University of Hartford Hillel is proud to be part of the Division of Student Success at the University of Hartford and receives generous support and funding from the University to support its operations.

"Since joining the Division of Student Success, Lisa has been an incredible advocate for Hillel, our Jewish community, and the University,” says Aaron Isaacs, dean of students. “These funds represent Hillel's collaborative commitment to the University and its goal of building a more inclusive, engaging, and supportive campus for all students."

About University of Hartford Hillel: Serving nearly 700 Jewish undergraduate students at the University of Hartford, Hillel is the center for Jewish Life on campus. Hillel is committed to a pluralistic vision of Judaism, providing unique and meaningful opportunities to students and the greater community from all streams of Judaism. Through religious, cultural, educational, and social programming, Hillel enriches the lives of students by nourishing Jewish identity and fostering deep connections with Israel and Jewry worldwide. Any student may participate in Hillel—no membership is required.

About the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford: The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford unlocks the transformative power of personalized and collective philanthropy to solve problems, strengthen community organizations, and provide permanent support for our Jewish community.

About Hillel International: For nearly a century, Hillel’s network of dedicated student leaders, professionals, and volunteers have encouraged generations of young adults to celebrate Jewish learning and living, pursue social justice, and connect to their peers and the global Jewish people. By participating in life-changing trips and campus initiatives, students learn to make a meaningful impact on the future of the Jewish people and the world while they grow intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

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