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Find Your Flock with Hillel Pods

Sign-ups for fall 2021 will open august/September

UHart Hillel is excited to offer you our newest program, Hillel Pods! The goal is to bring our Jewish community together whether you are on campus or virtual this Spring semester. For Seven weeks, you and your pod can participate in virtual and physical events that will earn you points. You can gather as a group for virtual game nights, community service, study time, take a walk outside together, and much more. Each week, Hillel staff will also be sending flash challenges to complete so you and your team can rack up even more points! 

After filling out our interest form, you will be placed into your pod of 3-6 students. You will gain points for each event/challenge you participate in individually and as a group! 


How it works:

The Point System:

You will earn points as an individual based on your own participation, as well as keeping a tally of the total points for the pod


Individual challenges: 1 point each

 (max. 5 points/week per person).

Examples include: 

Going for a run, 

Calling grandma, 

Cooking a new healthy recipe, 

Attend a Hillel Sponsored Event




Herd challenge: 3 Points each 

(max. 6 points/week per person)


Examples include: 

Virtual pod gatherings

(get together with your pod on zoom/facetime/etc and take a screenshot!)

examples of get-togethers

Shabbat Dinners

Movie Night

Game Night



Flash challenge: 5 points each 

once per week- the entire herd must participate in order to win points.

you will have 24 hours to complete the Flash Challenge

These challenges are a surprise and will be posted regularly throughout the challenge


What You Receive:

Prizes will be awarded to individuals and the pods with the most points at the end also win a special prize. You can redeem prizes as you reach each level.


Individual Reward Levels: 

10 points: $5 Amazon Gift Card

25 points: $10 Grub Hub/Crown Market Gift Card or a Mini Waffle Maker

50 points: Que Water Bottle

75 points: Cold Brew Coffee Maker

100 points: JBL Portable Speaker


Winning Team: Echo Show or Soda Stream

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